Transform Wind Turbines

Step 1: Increased Energy Harvesting

Our intelligent hydro-pneumatic drivetrain replaces a standard electrical generator in the nacelle of a wind turbine. Compared to conventional wind turbines our system harvests up to 2 to 4 times more energy depending on the wind conditions. This is due to the higher power bandwidth and higher power to weight ratio of hydraulics and pneumatics.

Step 2: Efficient Air Compression

Our liquid piston chamber absorbs most of the heat originating from the compression process. This results in a nearly isothermal conversion with an overall high efficiency of about 80 %.

Step 3: Direct Wind Energy Storage

Compressed air is stored at 200 bar. This is comparable to the energy density of a lead acid battery. Non-toxic materials and scalable external storage tanks provide sustainable energy storage and a buffer for the variability of the wind.

Step 4: Electricity On Demand

The compressed air powers a hydraulic motor and generator on ground level. Thus, electricty is produced while balancing out variabilities and keeping the grid frequency constant.



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